India lives in many times at the same time. And so are Indian women.

WOMEN’S VOICE – INDIA’S CHOICE is a documentary about today’s Indian women and their struggles, challenges, reflections, hopes and dreams.
Director Shammi Singh wants to capture a more holistic view on Indian women and listen to them without prejudice.

In the last years I felt that something inside me is dragging me to the Indian subcontinent, the country of my father. I have been to India several times and back home I have always been exposed to the question of how women are treated there.

To find out how women can live their lives in India I started shooting WOMEN’S VOICE – INDIA’S CHOICE, my first documentary in January 2018.

I did everything on my own from creating a concept to directing, filming, interviewing, cutting, producing, writing and recording the music. I’m not a professional filmmaker and taught myself all these skills during the whole process of the movie which took exactly one year.

Learn more about the documentary here: www.womensvoiceindia.com