I’m Shammi Singh

After working years in media agencies I started doing things I love and that matter. Helping out small businesses with my expertise and offer individual solutions in content strategy and marketing. I’m also a yoga teacher (shamminski yoga) and a pinch awareness and consciusness makes every project more successful.

But see for yourself:

what I love doing

I’m curious, I try new things, I like technology and to work with people.
To help them succeed with their businesses.


Shine on you crazy diamond. Photography with no hustle. Just you, your business, your message.


Set the tone and tell the outside world about your business in an authentic way. And of course some fancy shots.

content strategy

Unsure what content you need? Let's orchestrate your social media, website and all other channels.


You don't have to scream louder, talk smarter. Reach your target group through Social media ads and Adwords.


Websites and logos for your business/shop. All what you need to be present and be heard.


What to say? Rhetoric workshops will help you and your team stand and speak up in front of people or your customers.

Interested in working together?

get your individual content solution for you and your business